California Vermiculture - Premium Worm Castings

We Provide Premium Organic Input Materials for Commercial Growers, Landscape Professionals, Tree and Plant Rescue Projects, Soil Remediation, and Home Gardeners. We also work closely with Custom Soil Mix Companies providing input materials for a large number of private branded products.

WORMGOLD® Solution for Commercial Growers

WORMGOLD Solution is a turn-key system designed for use by commercial growers.  It is a combination of our WormGold Extrators and WormGold Mix Kits, designed SPECIFICALLY to meet the needs of growers to help add biological diversity to the soil.  We work with our growers to determine EXACTLY what mix will meet the specific challenges being faced in specific growing conditions.  WormGold Solution is made on-site (grower facility), using our WormGold Extractor Equipment and our custom-blended mix kits.  It is then applied to production crops, per specifications, to achieve maximum production results.

WORMGOLD® PLUS Premium Quality Worm Castings

WORMGOLD Plus is our INDUSTRY LEADING, FLAGSHIP LINE, of ORGANIC earthworm castings.  Our WORMGOLD worm castings are specifically engineered to have the HIGHEST level of biodegraders of any worm castings available on the market! WORMGOLD Plus worm castings have been shown to have a strong, positive effect on plant growth and harvest yields.

WORMGOLD® Premium Mix

WORMGOLD Premium Mix is a ready to go soil mix, consisting of the finest sourced compost material, and WORMGOLD Plus mixed in the correct ratio to provide superior results.

GOLD-n-Frass Mix

Gold-n-Frass Mix is a biology packed soil mix, consisting of 80% Wormgold Plus, and 20% Enterra Black Soldier Fly Insect Frass. Wide spectrum biology and SUPER HIGH chitin levels!

You can trust California Vermiculture to provide the very best products and solutions available!


California Vermiculture's WORMGOLD line of products, including WORMGOLD Plus worm castings, WORMGOLD Solutions, and WORMGOLD Coconut Coir, are designed with the best available technologies, and geared toward our grower's best interests, to meet and exceed the needs of any types of plants to achieve full health.  The California Vermiculture labs, located just north of San Diego, California, work to ensure that our products use sustainable practices, using advanced vermiculture to produce only the best worm castings available.

WORMGOLD® products will take your plants to a whole new level!

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