WormGold Extractors

WormGold Extractors are patented machine equipment for brewing WormGold Solution(s) on demand.

All WormGold Extractors are designed and engineered specifically for the extraction of the biology contained within the WormGold Solution Mix Kits. WormGold Extractors have a patented dynamic fluid technology that will multiply microbial biology 9 billion times in 24 hours.  The WG Extractors sends 6 ppm of fresh air through an engineered and fabricated oxygen diffuser. The diffuser is a self seal Teflon material that sends 1-3 mm air bubbles through the chimminy that extract and feed the biology within the Mix Kit. The patented chimney holds the Mix Kit at a stable level for perfect cavitation for each size extractor machine. 

Our WormGold Extractors are also designed to reduce biofouling to a minimum.  Using airstones for brewing compost tea has serious issues with biofouling, and must be cleaned in boiling water or chlorine regularly to eliminate any potential contamination of the compost tea being made with anaerobic bacterias. Cleaning WormGold Extractors is a easy task, simpy using dish soap.

The microbial multiplication process of the WormGold Extractor makes one gallon of WormGold Solution equate to 2,000lbs of WormGold Plus worm Castings!  THIS IS A SUPERCHARGED COMPOST TEA MIX THAT NOTHING ELSE CAN COMPARE TO!

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WG-OA 4 Gallon Extractor

Our WG 4 Gallon Extractor Brews batches of 4 gallons of Worm Gold Solution per use

WormGold 50 Gal. Extractor

The WG 25/50 Extractor Brews batches of either 25 or 50 gallons of Worm Gold Solution. Price does NOT include shipping.

WormGold 125/250 Gal. Extractor

Our WG 250 Extractor Brews batches of 125 or 250 gallons of Worm Gold Solution

WormGold 500 Gal. Extractor

Our WG 500 Extractor Brews batches of 125, 250, 375, or 500 gallons of Worm Gold Solution